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Flax Muffin
Flax Ingredients
Flax Muffins

Two Gourmet Blends. So many possibilities.

FlaxSnax Blends are served at the Finest Hotels, Universities, Country Clubs, Cruise Lines, Hospitals, Long Term Care, Commercial Bakeries, and In-store Bakeries.

Original Blend made with rich dark brown flax, has far more benefits than old-fashioned bran muffins, rich in both Omega-3 & fiber. These muffins are moist and delicious and much more today. This blend offers a delicious healthy choice for 85% of your guests.

Gluten-free Golden Blend made with golden flax, offers your guests — who are already more mindful of eating healthy — a clean, gmo-free, and dairy-free choice. Your GF guests will really appreciate this; as well as a new broader customer base that is simply choosing "wheat-free".

FlaxSnax saves you time, money and freezer space. The finest pastry chefs use FlaxSnax as their "speed scratch blend." They know, if you're not using dry mixes, you're not using the best.


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The FlaxSnax Story   How to bake with FlaxSnax

Assorted Recipes

FlaxSnax patent-pending formula has more Omega-3 than a serving of salmon! Everyone benefits from more Omega-3 and fiber.

Flax seed, rich in Omega-3s, is known to:

Lower cholesterol & blood pressure

Offers better brain function

An excellent source of fiber

Is an anti-inflammatory

Rich in anti-oxidants

Anti-aging properties at the cellular level!

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Ask about our additional recipes and have FlaxSnax in your rotations everyday... healthy breakfast choices all day long
—everybody wins.

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Now available in single pouch size for home or restaurant use!

    FS 606s Original Blend with brown flax is $ 34.95, delivered anywhere in the continental U.S. – Shipping & handling included.
    FS 404s Gluten-free Golden Blend with golden flax is $ 38.95, delivered anywhere in the continental U.S. - Shipping & handling included.

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Description Pack Weight/Yield Recipe Additional Recipes
FS 606 Original rich dark brown flax 6-56 oz bags 21 lbs/216 3 oz Cranberry Walnut Carrot, Ginger, Banana, Rum, Plain
FS 202 Original rich dark brown flax 1 bag 28.32 lbs/288 3 oz Cranberry Walnut Carrot, Ginger, Banana, Rum, Plain
FS 404 Gluten-free Golden Blend 4 - 56 oz bags 14 lbs/144 3 oz Cranberry Almond Blueberry, Lemon, Poppy, Double Chocolate